A Collective Cooperative Choir

was founded in 2015 in Jerusalem, as an alternative to the standard idea of a "choir". The choir’s performative events are loosely constructed as open gatherings with songs on the boundary between the religious, the ritual, and the surrealistic. The Great Gehenna Choir was founded in 2015 by the “Mamuta” Art and Research Center with the musician Noam Enbar.

Choir members

come from varied backgrounds; some are classical singers, some composers, singer-creators, or interdisciplinary artists.

Noam Ahdut, Avner M Amit, Laila Mazal Yenishen, Ruth Danon, Ella Daniel, Anat Handelsman, Gidon Levi, Tamir Friedrich, Tamara Nishri, Sapir Rosenblatt, Elana Snitman, Natan Skop, Netta Spiegel, Noam Enbar, Ido Akov, Amit Fishbein, Michal Tamari, Alexander Fisch

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